Electric love chords

Electric Love is written in the key of A Major.

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According to the Theorytab database, it is the 4th most popular key among Major keys and the 4th most popular among all keys. Major keys, along with minor keys, are a common choice for popular songs. The three most important chords, built off the 1st, 4th and 5th scale degrees are all major chords A Major, D Major, and E Major. See the A Major Cheat Sheet for popular chords, chord progressions, downloadable midi files and more!

Create beats, songs, and musical snippets with built-in music theory, melody guides, and intelligent chord suggestions. Toggle navigation. Toggle navigation TheoryTab DB. Verse and Pre-Chorus. Open In Hookpad. Pre-Chorus and Chorus. Melodic Complexity Chord-Melody Tension Chord Progression Novelty Chord Bass Melody Learn More. Contributors: semanticist. Love Live - Love marginal by Printemps.

Me and my galaxy and universe by Louie Pashen. Me and my world version by Jacob Stevenson.

BØRNS – Electric Love Kalimba Tabs & Chords

Begging Me by Florrie. Gimme Twice by The Royal Concept. Lost In The Light by Bahamas. Our Own House by MisterWives. Paris by Magic Man. Reflections by MisterWives. Sweet Ophelia by Zella Day. The Fool by Ryn Weaver. Unsteady by X Ambassadors. Recently Added. Forget You by Cee Lo Green. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Slide Away by Miley Cyrus. I Found Heaven by Take That. Roadtrip by Dream. Blueshift Galaxy by HertzDevil. Physical by Dua Lipa.

Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles. Elenor Rigby by The Beatles. I Am the Walrus by The Beatles.Sign In. Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in 7 available keys. Rodrigo, Olivia. Waving Through a Window. Dear Evan Hansen.

Make You Feel My Love. All I Want. Dead Mom. Beetlejuice [Musical]. Truth Be Told. West, Matthew. The Beatles.

Sheeran, Ed. Styles, Harry. I See the Light.

electric love chords

Moore, Mandy. Can't Help Falling in Love. Presley, Elvis. Your Song. John, Elton. La La Land. Piano Solo. Someone Like You. On Eagle's Wings. Joncas, Michael. Maroon 5. Over the Rainbow. Garland, Judy. Rise Up.Sign In. Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in the original published key. Jingle Bells. Pierpont, James. Beginner Notes.

BØRNS – Electric Love Kalimba Tabs & Chords

Aladdin []. Pietschmann, Patrik. Piano Solo. You'll Be Back. Hamilton: An American Musical. Easy Piano. Savage Love Laxed - Siren Beat. Sign of the Times. Styles, Harry. Fantasia in D Minor, K.

electric love chords

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Walker, Alan. Moonlight Sonata. Beethoven, Ludwig Van. Gravity Falls Main Title. Gravity Falls.

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All of Me. Legend, John. Swift, Taylor.

BØRNS: Electric Love Chords on Ukulele

Never Gonna Give You Up. Astley, Rick.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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We provide most popular sheets at affordable prices. You will also find various tutorials and covers of the songs for faster and easier learning. Menu Search.

My Cart. In Stock 7. Add To Cart. Page s : 6. Page s : 8. Write A Review. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. Customer Reviews 3 item s 3 Item s Show 10 20 It's a bit hard for me to play this song.

I am a begginer piano player. However, I love this song and hope to master it soon. Thanks for sharing these notes. They are a great addition to my practice and warmup routine because I love this song so much. All I can say is thumbs up! I've been searching for these music sheets for weeks. Now when I purchased them I can finally start playing. This printable PDF score that's is currently toping Billboard Hot charts includes 7 pages and was originally published in the key of A major but it can be transposed into Bb, B, C, Ab, G and Gb so suit the needs and skills of musicians at various levels.

The style of the score is Pop. Catalog SKU number of the notation is Minimum required purchase quantity for these notes is 1. Digital download printable PDF.

electric love chords

This score was originally published in the key of A. Composition was first released on Thursday 23rd July, and was last updated on Tuesday 10th March, Watch video here. After you complete your order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail where a download link will be presented for you to obtain the notes.

In order to transpose click the "notes" icon at the bottom of the viewer. If transposition is available, then various semitones transposition options will appear.

electric love chords

If not, the notes icon will remain grayed. Most of our scores are traponsosable, but not all of them so we strongly advise that you check this prior to making your online purchase. You can do this by checking the bottom of the viewer where a "notes" icon is presented.Please enable JavaScript to use all Chords Easy features.

Checkout how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Post new song Login Register. Moderate 0. Login Register Create new song Help Report. Report Sumbit correction. Easy chord. Tone: [ G ]. Baby your electric l [ G ] l ove. Electric l [ Em ] l ove.

Eletric Love

You make [ Am ] make my [ Em ] heart beat like the rain. Hol [ Am ] Hol d me [ Em ] deep beneath your waves. Feel your [ C ] energy rushing t [ G ] t hrough me [ Am ] [ Em ]. Chords click to close. Guitar Ukulele Piano. Other versions 1 Create new version. Version by Tobi Default 1. Guitar Tabs 0 Upload your Tab. See your chords appearing on the Chords Easy main page and help other guitar players.

Please write comments if you find anything incorrect, or you want to share more information about the song above. Add to. Updated: Updated 9. Show comments. Related songs. Staff pick playlists. Chords is too complex? Use this checkbox to simplify the chords click to close. About Send feedback Policy Help chordseasy. Updated 9. Tobi Tobi approved.I love the fact that I can use this as my secondary number and it works without any hiccups""Sideline almost immediately became an indispensable business tool for us.

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