Xbee arduino tutorial

This system, built by a former Atom, works as an occupancy sensor for each of our bathrooms, illuminating a green or red light on the wall to signify which bathrooms are available.

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This blog post will cover the steps and some background knowledge needed for a basic XBee setup. The goal is to get two XBee modules to communicate. This models the basic functionality of the overall Callaloo system: proximity sensors on the door input are transmitted to a receiving module that changes an output indicator lights, server information based on the data it receives.

XBee is not the same as ZigBee—instead, XBee is a brand of radio communication modules made by Digi that can support a number of protocols, including ZigBee, Its range is 10 to 30 meters. ZigBee is often used in home automation products, though it is not the only option. I chose Arduinos because I happened to have two on hand. You could use any dev boards that have a serial port.

You will need to configure your XBee modules so they can communicate. Each network has exactly one Coordinator, which serves as the root of the network tree. A network can have multiple Routers; these can forward information to end devices and also run application functions. Lastly, End Devices cannot relay data, but only talk to a parent node either a Coordinator or Router. A network can have multiple End Devices.

Again, this mimics the future bathroom monitor system, where inputs will be processed by a microcontroller and transmitted to a receiving microcontroller, which will change its outputs accordingly. At this point, you will need to solder the headers on your Explorer boards. Connect the ground and 3. Connect the power and ground rails of the breadboard to the 3.

Input-Side Button Circuit. I chose to use the SoftwareSerial library and Arduino pins 2 and 3 rather than the default pin 0 and 1 for serial communicationso that I could use the default serial pins for printing debug statements to a serial monitor. Connect your button to the Arduino as shown in the diagram above. I wanted the button to default to logic low when not pressed, so I added a pull-down resistor to my circuit.

Your first Arduino is now set up! Make sure that the LED is in the right orientation. At this point, I like to debug my circuit by writing a quick Arduino sketch to make sure that my LED and button are functioning as expected.

Otherwise, I might conflate a communication issue with a simple wiring or port setting issue. Using Arduinos makes the demo code fairly simple, although the final Callaloo will be a custom PCB design, not a pre-made development board i. On the input button side, we are checking for a button input and writing a character to the XBee via a serial connection.

On the output side, we are checking if we received a certain character, and if so, turning on the LED by setting that bit high. Now you should have a basic XBee network up and running! The next step for the Callaloo system is to expand the XBee network with more modules and prototype the bathroom door sensors.

By commenting below, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in our linked Privacy Policy.Wireless communication is still one of the coolest things I know of, and it opens up for so many possibilities! I will use OSX We will make a very simple program, because this tutorial will focus on setting up the communication.

XBee Arduino Interfacing

Yes, I am a Sparkfun whore, but hey — they have a good community, good customer service and short delivery time. The downside is that they are more expensive than for example Digi-Key. On the other hand, Sparkfun is a great place for beginners and prototypers as myself. There are different ways to do this, but I found the easiest way is to use CoolTerm. On the Arduino there is a built-in LED digital pin This pin is placed different on the UNO and Leonardo, see picture above.

In this tutorial we will make this light up when the Arduino receives a wirelessly signal. What you will use the wireless connection for is up to you.

Be creative, make something insane and give us a link to the creation in the comment field under! Give us a heads-up in the comment field and we will respond. The name is something like usbserial-ADES5. Set the switch to UART. Mine is tty. Paste in the code under use the first one if you have Arduino UNO or the second if you have Arduino Leonardo and hit the upload-button.

You should see led pin 13 on the Arduino blink for a second. Enjoy and Good luck! Related Posts.So lets explore further for Arduino wireless communication using XBee. As we have learnt in previous tutorials that the XBee module can act as a Coordinator, Router or an End device but it need to be configured to work in desired mode.

To connect XBee module with the laptop, a USB to serial converter or specifically designed explorer board is used. Connections for interfacing ZigBee module with Arduino are shown in the circuit diagram. Here in this tutorial, a Explorer board is used to configure the XBee modules. Check the COM port of the Arduino board in device manager. Step Now, click on the search button. This will show you all the RF devices connected with your laptop.

In our case, it will show only one XBee module. Use either AT commands or put the data manually. As you can see, there is R showing on the left panel which means Xbee is in router mode.

We have to make it Coordinator for the transmitter part. Select function set and firmware version as highlighted below and click on Update. ID remain same for both the modules. Only MY and DL data interchange i. Make CE as Coordinator and then hit the Write button.

As shown below. Then give commands to the receiver part using laptop. If you are using the Arduino board to connect the transmitter ZigBee with the laptop, connections will be same as for the programming the ZigBee. Code is simple and easily understandable.

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We will just check the incoming characters using Serial. If match is correct then perform the task specified in the condition.

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Complete code for Receiver part is given in the end. Upload the code in the Receiver part Arduino. Remove the Tx and Rx wires of XBee before uploading. Now, we all set to test our transmitter and receiver. Click on the Console icon near the settings option.

Then, click on Open button to connect the XBee to the laptop. You can also connect the transmitter XBee to the Arduino board, just change the receiver code little bit.

How to Use XBee Modules As Transmitter & Receiver - Arduino Tutorial

In place of Serial. This XBee-Arduino setup can be used to make many useful wireless applications like Home automation system, chatting room etc. If I send "a" or "b" letters from xctu then Led on arduino should blink.

This is the working of my code. In the receiver code, I have included XBee. I am a learner and I am using Arduino and XBee communication for the first time in my project. Get Our Weekly Newsletter!

Helena St. Related Content.Add the following snippet to your HTML:. XBee is an RF module mainly used as a radio communication transceiver and receiver. Please log in or sign up to comment.

xbee arduino tutorial

Use the program to manage your ESP module with simple commands. This will allow you to access the Internet for any Arduino product. Project in progress by Turai Botond.

This post will take you through a step by step instruction on how to use the Rakwireless RAK lora module with Arduino. Project tutorial by Naresh krish. Measure your light intensity lux using this sensor and simple code. Project tutorial by Akash Kollipara. This project is about servo motors which are controlled by a push button. The servo motors only work when a certain algorithm is followed.

Project tutorial by Aayush Sharma. Sign In.

xbee arduino tutorial

My dashboard Add project. Project tutorial. Components Required Download. Proteus Circuit Diagram Download. Assembling Hardware Download. Add Your Xbee Download. The configuration of your XBee. After Uploading The Code Download.

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Make sure the baud rate is set to Respect project. You're done Code Custom parts and enclosures Schematics Comments In this tutorial we will use two xBee series 1 modules with the Arduino uno board. We will configure them to act as a receiver and transmitter to control the brightness of an LED wirelessly by using one potentiometer. The xBee - series 1 - modules take the These modules allow a very reliable and simple communication between micro controllers, computers or other systems by using just a serial port!

xbee arduino tutorial

They have also a 1mW wire antenna on them. They supports Point to point and multi-point networks. Download the XCTU software from here.

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Now click on it first image above and set the CH field to e. These values must be the same to all xBee modules to communicate with each other. Now as this xBee will be our transmitter, set the CE field as "Coordinator". If the baud rate isn't set to bps, change it to this value. Connect the explorer board with your computer again and follow the same procedure second image above but this time set the CE field as "End device". Try downloading the Codebender plugin and clicking on the "Run on Arduino" button to program your Arduino board with this sketch.

And that's it, you've programmed your Arduino uno board with this sketch! And here's the "xbee Receiver" code, connect the second Arduino uno board with your computer and press the "Run on Arduino " button.

You have successfully completed one more "How to" tutorial and you learned how to fade an LED wirelessly by using the xBee S1 modules. Why an additional Arduino in the transmitter if XBee has its own pins. The receiver only passes the serial info on. Imagine an alarm system that sends a text message to you if the pin on the transmitter has changed its state after someone opened the door.

Sorry my language. I translate my think from Google translator. Reply 11 months ago. Question 1 year ago on Introduction. Answer 11 months ago. I am doing something similar. Just one thing though, i cant seems to properly tweak the receiving coding to get another set of analog input to control another LED. One to control another.Track My Order. Frequently Asked Questions. International Shipping Info. Send Email. Mon-Fri, 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm U. Mountain Time:. With XBee, instead of being tied down by a serial cable -- inches away from a paired device -- your Arduino can pass data over the air to another device hundreds of feet away.

XBee radios are an awesome way to add wireless capability to your Arduino project and now it's even easier with the SparkFun …. Part of what makes XBee so popular is its simplicity. XBees are controlled over a serial UART interface -- in the most basic operation they can be used as a wireless serial cable. Setting up XBee networks and addresses is also simplified with Digi's free software -- XCTU -- which we explain in a separate tutorial.

Then, using a terminal programwe can remotely send data to an Arduino, or read data off of it. We'll begin by examining the schematics and hardware of the XBee Shield, then move on to example code.

First we'll set up a test program to make sure our XBees are communicating with each other. Then we'll move on to the remote control Arduino sketch.

Tutorial: Arduino and XBee Communication

To follow along with this tutorial, you will need the following materials. You may not need everything though depending on what you have. Add it to your cart, read through the guide, and adjust the cart as necessary. If you're just getting started with XBee, we highly recommend going with Series 1 models -- either with a trace antennawire antenna or u.

You will need a soldering iron, solder, and general soldering accessories. This is your basic spool of lead free solder with a water soluble resin core.

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This is a good spoo…. In addition to that tutorial, we also recommend checking these guides out:. This switch controls which Arduino pins interface with the XBee. The Arduino Uno has a single hardware UART, which is usually either used for programming via the Arduino's serial bootloader or communication with the serial monitor.

That serial port can only be used to communicate with one device at any time, lest you run into problems of bus contention. There's also a chance that, during program upload, spurious -- even harmful -- data might be sent to any device attached to the Arduino's hardware UART. To select between software and hardware serial, the XBee Shield includes a small, surface-mount slide switch.

The switch configuration from the XBee Shield schematic. Here's a table explaining the operation of each LED:. These LEDs can be very useful for debugging.

Get Started with XBee – A Beginner’s Tutorial

Check out the assembly page of our Shield tutorial for all of the tips and tricks related to header installation.

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xbee arduino tutorial

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